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Relationships can change the world.

A fundraising, and charitable, platform for the ethical business and charity to build meaning partnerships.

Fundraising and charitable platform
Why Younify?

Working together to make a difference

We believe that good causes and businesses can create greater social impact when they work together. Younify is a unique and simple, matchmaking platform for building your corporate or charitable partnerships.

Good Causes


So how does this thing work?
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Create your profile

Your connections want to know who you are! Think of this as the profile for your organisation. Who are you, where are you from, and what do you do?

Get matched

Complete your profile by filling out matchmaking questions. Then visit the members grid to find partners that match your values and goals.

Connect and share

Write posts, upload photos and send direct message just like you would from any social network. Simple, right?!

post for social good
direct message business or charity partnership
events collaboration volunteer
donate charity platform
Make a difference

There are so many ways to make a difference. Use our platform to manage donations, create events or message one another directly. We want to see you get creative to meet your social responsibility goals and build meaningful partnerships.

younify icon Fundraising and charitable platform

Fundraising and charitable platform for business and charity to build partnerships for social good. Matchmaking social network. Volunteer, donate and collaborate to make a difference.

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