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The journey

The journey of Younify has only just begun, and it has already been an interesting one. Younify began as a dream, well not quite so much a dream, as a sleepless night considering the resounding needs of so many charities being unmet and closed due to recent austerity cuts in the UK, and in turn so many individual's lives and potential being forgotten.

The purpose

Younify operates out of a simple human need; to have relationship. Meaningful relationships are built on transparency and collaboration to bring effective change.

The Operation

Younify is a simplistic, easy to use, matchmaking service. The platform help charities and businesses build partnerships to save on typical fundraising costs and time. We understand it can be a daunting task to find a good relational fit, our process makes this simple for you!

Meet Our Founder

Derek Catlow


I love coffee, enjoy collecting records, and am terrible at committing to tv shows (I rarely finish an entire series).


I’ve spent nearly a decade as a youth worker and received a BA(hons) in Youth and Community Work. Along with nearly half a decade in health related startups.

Why Younify:

Well, I feel that relationships play a big part in everyone’s day to day. After discovering upsetting information about how many charities had closed down over recent years due a lack of support and funding, I thought why not create a platform that can mutually benefit Businesses (Ltd, self-employed, etc) and Good Causes (charities, etc), with relationship at the heart!