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The Story so far


Younify started late one night in a livingroom when our hearts were burdened by the reality of so many good causes being at breaking points due to previous cuts to funding, and even more so now in the midst of covid-19. In turn so many individuals’ needs may go unmet. This became a dream to create a simple platform to unite good causes with businesses that also want to make a difference.

The Purpose

Businesses aren’t just faceless organisations but are filled with individuals who truly believe in making the world a better place. We also know that good causes often impact more people than we realise, and play a bigger role in our communities than we see. Bringing the resources and talents of people in the business world together with those in good causes we can see our local towns, cities, boroughs and our country become a place where connection is at the heart of it and we all have a part to play.

The Operation

Younify is a space to help businesses and good causes connect and bring about good change in their local community. Whether you are a business hoping to partner with a charity, a good cause looking for volunteer help this is the place for you. Just think of Younify as your one-stop-shop matchmaking service, social networking site, donation platform, event promotion page, volunteering directory and a space to simply build partnerships and get creative with how you bring about social change.

Meet Our Founder

Derek Catlow


I love coffee, enjoy collecting records, and am terrible at committing to tv shows (I rarely finish an entire series).


I’ve spent nearly a decade as a youth worker and received a BA(hons) in Youth and Community Work. Along with nearly half a decade in health related startups.

Why Younify:

Well, I feel that relationships play a big part in everyone’s day to day. After discovering upsetting information about how many charities had closed down over recent years due a lack of support and funding, I thought why not create a platform that can mutually benefit Businesses (Ltd, self-employed, etc) and Good Causes (charities, etc), with relationship at the heart!


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