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Charity Start a Business Partnership

Yes! Your charity can start a business partnership. It can be integral to your impact, and you can be integral to theirs.

Approaching a business can feel scary, especially when you don’t want to receive that dreaded “no”. But before you even begin the journey to reach out to a business, remember that what you do is important, what you do has impact, what you do is important.

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Get Prepared

Charity Start a Business Partnership
Get prepared. Do your research.
Be confident

Before you begin it’s important that you see value in what you do! When you’re confident in your own passions and goals the business will feel and see that, and this will give them more confidence in your proposal to start a partnership.

Know your stuff

This includes all your data. Gather success stories, how partnerships have helped you in the past, number of users, what your impact looks like, the list can go on and on. Whatever you can put together to show on paper what your charity does.

Do your research

Just like a relationship you can’t know your partner without knowing about them. Get to know the business, what do they do, what are their goals, their values and how have they supported other charities in the past. What a great way to pinpoint exactly how your organisation and this business have things in common and can partner up to make a difference! Where possible, find a connection. This isn’t always straight forward, often times there is a Corporate Social Responsibility manager, but for some companies it can be an individual from the HR team, finance team, or they may have a different title altogether like a Happiness Officer.

Don’t say no

Of course not all businesses will be suitable for a partnership. It’s wise to look around, and find one (or a few) that share your values, and after doing your due diligence operate in a legal and safe manner. When you do find one and have done your research, don’t say their no. There is power in simply asking. If you say no for them, or are to concerned to approach them, you may actually be missing out on a yes!

Be clear

As the one asking, you’re already likely to know how you want the partnership to look. Make sure you are clear about your goals, needs and how the business can support your charity. The clearer you are the easier it is for the business to envision the partnership for themselves, and see it as a reality.

Make the ask

Charity Start a Business Partnership
The power of “the ask”

It’s time to go for it. You’ve prepared, you’re confident (or can, at the very least, muster up some courage), and you feel clear about this partnership. When you present your ask be sure to include some key things:

  • A story. Businesses are run by people, and they need to feel connected to what they do. Make it happen, use your words, stories, history to create an emotional attachment to the need that you’re meeting!
  • Who you are, and how you make a difference.
  • Who the business is, impress them with your knowledge of them!
  • Be clear about what you are hoping for (finances or other forms of support).
  • How you can support them in return.

The Answer

Look, this article isn’t a guarantee that businesses will say yes to your proposal for a partnership. However, if they say no, thank them for their time, and let them know you’re always open to a partnership in the future. If they say yes, hooray, we’re proud of your hard work! Now it’s time to make it a reality. Follow through with your intentions to support the business, continue to be clear and be sure to share with them the positive impact they are having on your charity and those you impact together.

Want your charity to start a business partnership quickly? Get matched to businesses and connect within minutes!

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