Matchmaking Partnership Strategy

Need a little extra hand to get your business or good cause matched with like-mined organisation to build charitable or corporate partnerships that transform communities and increase customer satisfaction?

How does it work?

Initial Consultation

This is a brief meeting to better understand the needs of your business or good cause, and help us know how to tailor your matches to you!

Answer matchmaking questions

Our unique set of questions are built to consider multiple aspects of your organisation and the partners you wish to connect with, so that we can fit you into like-minded and values based partnerships.

We perform research and due diligence checks

We seek out those unique partners that will provide you with the most impact. Taking a holistic approach to reviewing how they operate to make sure you can have a lasting partnership.

Detailed report of 3 strategic partnerships

You’ll get a full report of our review on the organisation and how the partnership can be mutually beneficial.

Initial Contact

If you’re not quite sure how to approach these potential partners we can make first contact and being the process of planning out the partnership.

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