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Derek and Jenny Catlow, Younify Founders, Smiling and Laughing While Drinking Coffee, Charitable and Corporate Partnership Platform.

One of the biggest questions we have been asked is, why Younify? Swiftly followed by, Why bother? Is it worth it? Do you really think there’s a point?

Well our why is simple.

Corporate and Charitable Partnerships

We met doing youth and community work. Derek went on to study youth and community work at University of East London. During that time he worked with various projects in the heart of East London. While Jenny studied photography and specialised in branding, documentary and event photography and bringing out the heart of a business, or brand, and what they do. We later spent a handful of years living in Brooklyn, New York. Derek worked in the startup industry, developing an understanding for the corporate sector. After having our first kid we decided to move back to the UK and make London home. 

Derek and Jenny Catlow, Younify Founders, Smiling and Laughing While Drinking Coffee, Charitable and Corporate Partnership Platform.
Derek and Jenny Catlow, Younify Founders.

Derek couldn’t sleep one night after reading an article about the landscape of youth work in the UK “I saw that hundreds of youth services had to close their doors within even just one year, particularly due to financial cuts made by the government. Access to funding became limited for charities”. At the same time, it became clear that the consumer was shifting their focus to expect that businesses operate more ethically, and were more involved in their communities.

It can be a tough journey

London busses, People Walking, And Picadilly Circus in image. 3 types of Journey.

The journey towards building a partnership can often be time consuming, uncertain, and full of legal jargon and red tape, and the current covid-19 pandemic has only made this worse. At times charities may not know how to approach businesses for one off or long term partnerships. However, businesses can often struggle to figure out how to help with their skills, time, and resources, whether financial or otherwise.

We knew first hand how hard that could be on both ends. That’s where the idea of Younify came from. A heart for community and authentic connections, making it easy for people to do good, to be helped and to create opportunities. We believed in the local everyday businesses and charities who are the backbone of our communities, they know what people need in the communities they live and breathe in. So we had to make way to connect them easily. The goal? To Younify them. 

So what did we do?

So we built this platform, a platform to form authentic connections through matchmaking, allowing updates, messaging, donations and events. Whether you need volunteers, are looking for a way for your team to serve through skills or partnerships, want to make a donation to a food bank, you need resources, we have a way to do that.

So what next? We plan on rolling out an app to make those connections even more automated and easy, being able to connect more easily and see relevant notifications without having to search for them.

We believe there are big things ahead for the younify community. If you are a part of the community already, are thinking about it, or know someone who should be, please get in touch. We want to help you have the best matches we possibly can and support you all on your journey.

Start your corporate and charitable partnerships

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